The Cultural Translator

April 8, 2010

-the section on interviewing helped alot.helps us conduct an interview that leads to important in sights about informants and ourselves
-ethnopoetic notation one way to present a transcript and to analyze it for themes,rhythms,and language patterns.
-proxemics how individuals communication non verbally when in groups


Resnicks Article

February 3, 2010

Resnick arugment is that Schools are not the primary source of literacy competence….

i agree with her a human being you incounter literacy in many other places than a school, for example me as a student i get a piece of literacy from my instructor called a syllabus thats very important..Literacy is anything you read throughtout your day from newspapers to text the morning people take showers you incounter literacy because you have to read the hot and cold a school is only one place where yu incounter literacy

she paints a movie in my mind pg 123 when she talks about in the morning people watch the news and watch the newspaper

she also point out how you have to read recipes before you cook a very difficult dish..and i think about myself in kitchen trying to creat a miracle

inside out

January 26, 2010

due to social captial in this large world most people fit in in certain groups of people. there are some groups that i just dont fit in:
1. Band-im not a what they call a band geek.but i have so much respect for them because they have to read sheet music thats so confusing.
2. Drill Team- I would not fit into the drill team culture because their culture consist of dancers. The dancers culture has choreography, performances, and different ways of practicing. The way dancers train is different from the way I train as a football player. Dancers learn through the eight counts, while football players learn through x’s and o’s.
3. Fraternities- I would not fit in to any fraternities because their life style and culture does not appeal to me. The brotherhood, stepping, and trial process to get into the fraternity is not for everyone. Their culture is very secretive. I am a more of an independent person, free from everybody, choosing who I want to interact with.

but on the other end with my open personality i fit into alot of other groups like: team-i fit perfectly in with a football team. The intensity of the game is something I enjoy very much.learn for coaches who has played the game is great execution and repetition is they we learn
2.Criminal Justice Majors-we all have things in common my interest in criminalogy.and the criminal justice system.
3.Gamers-people who play xbox alot we share several interest when it comes to the games we play. From Madden 2010 to Left for dead, the way you learn to play a game and move through the levels are very exciting. Getting a new game when it comes out and learning something new all over again is a very accomplishing feeling once you succeed in beating the game.

Why i want to write well

January 24, 2010

I would like to write well because expressing your thoughts on paper is a great coprate america today you have to have good writing skills to obtain a job.Over the years ive been getting better and better at writing,and english 102 with Mrs.Tonia it going to make me even better.

Hello world!

December 11, 2009

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